Why am I hiking?

I am designed for a purpose…

I was hiking the John Muir Trail a few years ago, and I remember being intrigued by the many thru hikers. These are people who have decided to do an entire length of a trail that typically starts at one point, say Mexico and heads north towards Canada. I talked with many who were hiking anywhere from 20-30 miles a day, sometimes more! It was something I had never given much thought of, but after my 21 days on the trail, and defintely not being ready to leave, I knew at that point, I wanted to be a thru hiker too!

Many years later, after more two to three week trips on the trail, it was time to commit. I wasn’t sure where to start but had heard of a kick off party in Campos-Mt Laguna Campground near the Mexican Border. It was the place where all Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) hikers converge to be with like-minded individuals for the next five months. After spending a weekend there last April, I knew this is where I needed to be. But what was drawing me to such an intense goal? Sure it would be a great way to celebrate my 55 years of existence. I have always been goal oriented and knew that it was time to think of the next big adventure, but truly why was I feeling the call to hike 2,660 miles and endure months of pain and suffering?
After retiring from a career with the State of California, I was spinning my wheels, wondering what was God calling me to do? I knew I had a purpose that God designed me for, a purpose that I was to fulfill, but what was it? After trekking in Nepal in 2012, I had the divine appointment to share God’s love with many of the Tibetan refugees, the Nepalanese that resided on the mountain top ridges and some of the Sherpas and guides who were risking their lives to shepherd the numerous guests who wanted to explore this amazing landscape. God showed himself to me as I crested Thorong-La Pass in a snow storm. As I slowly made my way up to the top of the world, I knew that I did not make this climb alone. God had carried me, keeping me moving, one step in front of the other, motioning to me that we were only beginning! It was am incredible feat to conquer this 17,500′ pass, the tallest foot path in the world which only a few will ever experience. I knew there was a meaning to this and I was starting to accept my purpose, I was designed to hike 4 God.