Wrightwood to Hikertown

So much has happened since Wrightwood. This is the first internet connection I have had in over a week! I think I’m entering the place I truly want to be. While I was hunkering down in Wrightwood waiting for another storm to pass, my wonderful friends Judi, Bertha and Cherryl wined and dined me. I felt like a pampered princess with foot massages, facial masks, fresh food galore and some of my favorite wine! I never expected such treasures to occur on this journey and to have friends visit me and spoil me, is such an added gift. Thanks girls!

After the storm, I headed out of Wrightwood and the first day was a climb up Baden Powell.  With the fresh snow, it made for an interesting trek. The snow was light but quite slushy, but with trail runners and light socks, I had very wet feet. Burr! But oh boy, the forest was incredibly beautiful with the snowflakes and fairly clear skies. On top of Baden Powell, I was looking down on the clouds, almost like heaven above earth. It was spectacular. Words cannot describe the vista from up above, mountain scape 360 degrees with fog rolling in below and birds flying above. Nothing but Gods glory shined on me!
These past miles were interesting with the ever changing landscape. We started high atop the mountains and followed the Angeles Crest Highway for miles. I passed the 400 then 500 mile marks, more milestones along the trail. I had many things to keep my attention on the trail like the notorious poodle dog bush, the evil nemesis of the trail. It smells like a combination of eucalyptus and marijuana but has a reputation of sending people off trail to the ER. It can cause blisters and inhalation issues if you touch the stuff. There are sections of the trail that have been closed due to this terrible bush but thanks to the PCT Gorillas, they spent many months trying to remove this stuff from the trail. One caution, it grows back and don’t smoke it! Some crazy hikers who thought it was marijuana attempted to pick and smoke it with horredous results! 
I had some incredibly long trail days trying to knock off the miles but in the end, I realized that my body is adapting to the trail and 20 mile days is quite doable. It also helps that I am motivated by my stomach knowing the faster I hike, the sooner I can get to real food! God has given me strength to stay focused and strong, however still have time to appreciate what He has created. 

Diversity during these past weeks has been a theme. As I leave the forest, and see the approaching desert, somehow the two still enter mingle. There are cactus flowers that show up among the forest, desert in the distance, oak trees with lots of poison oak, sandstone slicing through the ground, and so much beauty in every direction. 

Storms have been a common theme since Idyllwild. It seems that winter has arrived a bit late this year. As I left Aqua Dulce, another cold front hit with a vengeance. As I attempted to climb up and over the mountain time and time again, the wind was blowing at 30-40 mph and then the sideways rain pelted me! I finally had enough, found a ravine and waited it out. Full roll, a wonderful young man, stopped during the downpour and tightened my tent so I wouldn’t blow away! Hiker trash amazes me with their kindness and how they take care of each other. 

Now that I am defrosted and sitting in the confines of Hikertown USA, I have so much to be thankful for! The lessons I learned this past week is that God will always provide. When it was snowing outside, my friends came and reserved me a room. When my water ran dry, there was a mountain spring flowing across the trail. When I heard that my dog Zack was not doing well and had my first cry on the trail, a very caring young boy offered me a hug for free! When the rain turned from sideways rain to freezing rain, God stopped it long enough for me to set up my tent, get my wet clothes off and slide inside my nice warm sleeping bag. And as I was warming up, the skies opened up and what a downpour it was! But I was safely cocooned in my Six Moons Lunar Solo tent. I love that tent. And lastly, as I walked down the mountain, my beautiful trail friend Bear Bait was waiting for me with a lovely smile. 

But he said to me “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”. Therefore I may boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.  2 Corinthians 12:9

2 thoughts on “Wrightwood to Hikertown

  1. Glad to hear from you again. I began to wonder but see you have had quite the time. What a true adventure, and the quiet alone time with the Lord is truly what makes it all joy! Look forward to next leg.


  2. It looks wonderful, Kelly. 500 miles already? You’ll be here before you know it! I’m sorry to hear about Zack.

    Do you think our pot would work for 2 people if we’re just heating water for food and coffee?


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