Sonora Pass to Truckee

Can it get any better? When I left Sonora Pass, many thru-hikers had jumped ahead due to a fire near Markleeville. Fortunately, the fire was moving away from the trail, and I had the green light to carry on. God has been keeping such a watchful eye over this journey and protecting me daily. 

  Sonora Pass is a magical place. It is unlike any other area that I have hiked! I have never been to Bryce or Zion but from pictures I have seen, this section of the PCT is much like it. There is an obvious influence from volcanic activity of yesteryear. The mountains are so colorful at every turn. As I crested the peaks, I could see the Sierra’s in the background and this extreme environment ahead. It was truly the most beautiful section that I have trekked, to date, on the Pacific Crest Trail.

  I was honored to have my friend Mary join me on this section. She is an avid hiker and up to the challenge of hiking 15-20 miles a day! We experienced every emotion from joy, peace and solitude to pain, suffering and exhaustion during this leg. Neither one of us had any idea what God had planned for us!

  Honestly, I felt like Jesus’ bride walking through His perfectly colorful and fragment garden. The wild flowers were in full bloom with every color of the rainbow represented. From the orange and red tiger lilies to the deep purple lupine to bluest columbine to white and yellow mariposa lilies, and so many other brilliant arrays of garden flowers. There were fields of mule ears  that extended as far as the eye could see. Natures toilet paper, soft on the bottom and biodegradable! 

 I believe that God had orchestrated this master plan that I was right where He wanted me and this was the confirmation. Every moment I could see his workmanship, from the lack of smoke in the air from the fire that was burning a few miles away, to the most intense sunrise and sunsets that I had ever witnessed. God had painted a perfect view of his love and grace and I was in the midst of it all!

  During these past weeks, I crossed another milestone of sorts. Entering Desolation Wildrness, one of my many stomping grounds, I hit the 1,100 mile marker of the trail. It’s not quite half way but it is one of the places that I return to year after year and have questioned many thru-hikers about their adventure. Now as I trek through this place, many prospective hikers are asking me questions about my journey. It is quite interesting to be on the receiving end of questions like “are you hiking solo”, do you carry a tent”, “aren’t you afraid”, “when will you finish”,… I love sharing my story with others and get a kick out of their shock when I tell them yes, I am hiking solo; Yes, I have a shelter and highly recommend one; no, I am not afraid because I have the Lords protection; and I plan to be in Canada by mid-September, 160 days after I started. 

  So what did I learn during this past section? God showed me patience. He made me more aware of everything He created for me. He brought me friends to hike with that would teach me to slow down just a bit so that I wouldn’t miss all his blessings. He made me focus on Him so that I could be more aware of how truly powerful God is. I witnessed his tender side as I took time to smell the flowers, and when I laid in my tent at night, I kept the door open so I could see the sunsets and sunrises in all their glory. The little things are so important and sometimes I don’t take time to really take it all in. Yes, I need to be to Canada before winter sets in but more important than the destination is how I get there! Thank you God for teaching me patience through your beautiful creation and sharing the power of my friends who helped me along the way. 

  May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. Colossians 1:11-12

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