Day 4: America the Beautiful – Brookside McCurdy to Bull Elk Meadows 19 miles hi

Oh what a stupendous day. Well, Triple-Z’s alarm went off at 4am, and I slept right through it. She had to get out of her tent to wake me up. My bad! I was dreaming of eating cake, many kinds of cake at a cake sale. And to think I’ve only been hiking for four days. Hiker hunger is already kicking in.

Have I spoke of the mornings? When we left camp this morning, we followed a high alpine meadow. There is a wide meandering River that flows through it, with scrub and sage scattered throughout. The meadow went on for five miles, quite exposed with some sprinkling of redwood cedars and pines. We hit the flower bloom at the perfect time. Columbines, Indian Paintbrush, Blue Bells, everywhere you looked God was showing off with His brilliance.

As we hiked through the meadow, ever so slowly, I caught a glimpse of a deer grazing, tons of cotton tails, chipmunks and squirrels and a tiny mouse ran across the trail in front of me. I saw tons of Elk droppings but no elk.

Once we headed out of the meadow, we were on top of this rim that overlooked a huge valley below. I believe it is Jefferson as that’s the only place on my map. It’s so vast and wide and all I could do was break out in the song “America the Beautiful”. Colorado is truly a magical place!

We had plenty of water today and no thunderstorms. It was by far the best temperate day to walk in yet. Never had to dawn my umbrella and sweated only a little bit. Well, if you smelled me, I’m sure you’d say that’s not true. I stink to high heaven and my clothes are worse. So you may ask, what is the hardest part of being a thru-hiker? It’s the filth. It doesn’t matter how many wipes I have, it’s never enough. And bathing in a creek is a luxury when you hike 19 miles a day. So tonight I’ll be dreaming of bubble baths and laundry mats!

The mountains, valleys and plains were breathtaking. Around every corner there was so much beauty, flowers, snow capped peaks in the distance and places to rehydrate. I met the nicest gals today, Angie and Sam, mid-30’s. They have been out for over a week and plan to go the distance. The problem is Sam has 11 blisters in her feet. Yep, that’s possible and she is still hiking. Her friend Angie, who has never backpacked a day in her life has two bum knees and a sprained ankle! I have been called many things but it appears my expanded trail name is Nurse GiGi. I have become the trail expert on KT tape. I wrapped Angie’s knee, just one because that’s all she told me was hurting. Then after five hours, she hiked to our camped and asked if I could wrap her other knee as she videotaped me so she could do it herself later. Hikers are a tough bunch! As I always say, anyone can do the miles but you have to have a strong mind to finish the trail. There is much pain, suffering and agony, but in the end, oh the sweetness of the sights you see are oh, so worth it.

We relaxed in our campsite only to hear the cries of Bull Elk across the meadow. They appear to be getting closer and I’m wondering if this could be rut season? There must be hundreds of them, bugling all night long! I’ll stay put in the safe confines of my single-walled nylon tent. How truly blessed and thankful I am to witness such a place as this.

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

One thought on “Day 4: America the Beautiful – Brookside McCurdy to Bull Elk Meadows 19 miles hi

  1. The colors in your pics are amazing!! Praying for continued good weather for you and good health!! Safe travels to you both! 💖


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