Day 7: Headed to Town- Bench to Frisco 6 miles

After the horrific wind storm last night, Mother Earth calmed down and I had a peaceful night. I spent most of the evening watching the sunset over the mountains. There were many mountain bikers that rode to the bench and one in particular, apparently thought I lived on the mountain. He saw my tent nestled into the trees and asked, do you live here? I was a bit taken back as I probably look homeless, Miss Rag Tag Muffin with my stinky clothes and dis-shuffled hair. I laughed and told him I was just hiking thru.

Since we were hiking to town, I convinced Triple-Z that we could sleep in. At 4:30am, we woke up and were ready to hit the trail by 5:30am. We both decided to wear our sleep shirts to town, which is strictly forbidden except for town days! You never ever want to dirty up or sweat in your sleep clothes since they are only for the tent and sleeping bag.

Today was a monumental day. We have covered 100 miles with only 375 to go. We are well on our way and starting to get our trail legs. Now I’m just waiting for my lungs to follow suit. Living in Granite Bay at 500′ elevation is much different than hiking at 10000-12000′ daily! My lungs are still playing catch up but hopefully by next week, I’ll have bigger wind pipes and able to breath like a Coloradan.

We had a leisurely hike down to town, caught a bus and arrived in Frisco by 10am. The only issue is the fine hotel we are staying in is quite strict with their 4pm check-in time. But as a consolation prize, they did allow us to do our laundry and soak in the jacuzzi. I’m not sure who’s gonna clean that tub after us, but God help him because I’m sure he’ll need lots of scrub brushes and chlorine!

It is quite an adjustment to come off trail, see all the sprawling metropolis of town homes and squawky trailers. We both could literally do nothing until we put some food in our growling belly’s. Lucky for us there was a Brewery and Whole Foods across the street. Fresh fruit, grilled vegetables with a half chicken! I ate the whole darn thing all by myself.

Now all that’s was left is to find my way to REI for fuel canisters and a pair of replacement poles. My trekking poles have been with me since 2015 when I hiked the PCT and I finally broke them for good. No amount of duct tape was going to save them. Two buses later and standing in a long line outside of REI, I found my new poles and two canisters of fuel. Is there a shortage on fuel? I had to explain to the cashier that I needed two, one for me and one for my partner who was back at our hotel. They are only selling one per person! She was understanding and I am now riding the free bus back to my hotel with 2 canisters of fuel and my new trekking poles. Now I intend to sleep until Triple-Z wakes me for our hike tomorrow. Slack packing!

Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him. Psalms 34:8

2 thoughts on “Day 7: Headed to Town- Bench to Frisco 6 miles

  1. Kelly, I Love your posts! I read them every morning and you’re such a good writer! Thanks for virtually taking us along on this beautiful journey. I’m staying in touch with George. He’s on the mend and we may hang out Saturday. Take care and God bless. Moody

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