Day 9: Oh Sweet Altitude – Copper Mtn to Elk Ridge 10 miles

What a peaceful night of rest. I hit my head on the pillow in my comfy hotel room at 10pm and didn’t budge, move or turn for 8 hours. Just what the doctor ordered.

After our big hike yesterday, I was looking forward to an easy stroll today. We hopped on the bus to Copper Mountain and off we went with our loaded packs with five days of food and gear, weighing 30 pounds. If only I had a Sherpa. George, would you be interested? j mom

Copper Mountain Ski Resort operates year-round. As we hit the trail, directly above us was the coolest bobsled-roller coaster. It’s equipped with brakes, hopefully there’s another way to slow that thing down or I’d be flying off the course. It looks like a hoot!

Today was a leisurely stroll. We went about 4-5 miles and found a great overlook to have lunch. In the valley below were many beaver dams. They were super busy building ponds to swim in and evidentially fish for dinner. You could tell they had been there for some time because there were flower boxes on the edge of the waterfall that cascaded to the river below. If I was a beaver looking for a beaver mate, this guy would be a catch!

One thing I’ve noticed on the CT is people love building extravagant rock Karin’s. They are typically at the top of a mountain or peak, or used to mark the trail so you don’t get lost. This was at the top of Searle Pass.

I puckered out after 10 miles today. I was done for the day so Triple-Z and I found a spot off the grid near a glacier field, tucked away off the trail. It was perfect, except for the dried up bones I found. Probably some poor hiker who couldn’t find his way! We pitched our tents and I watched for an hour or two these fat marmots running up and down the glacier. They have not missed any meals and seem quite content residing at 12043′. Well that makes one of us because I’m still trying to get accustomed to high alpine living!

Oh the wonders of your glory, the tranquility of nature, makes me desire you even more today than yesterday! Lord, thank you for placing this passion in my heart to follow you to the ends of the earth. Amen.

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