Day 15: Another Milestone – Pine Creek to Silver Creek 14 miles

And the rain keeps coming. I have hiked in Colorado before and I could pretty much gauge the day. Afternoon showers around 1-3pm, then a little more rain around 6-8pm. This time around, it rains whenever it wants. Last evening, it rained all night and when the 4am wake up call came, I had no intentions of getting out of my tent. Triple-Z gave me grace and we waited till the rain stopped and hit the trail at a normal hiker time, 7am. So what I’m saying is rain isn’t such a bad deal!

Our first pass was cloudy and cool. It’s perfect hiking weather as you don’t overheat and the sun isn’t in your eyes. The terrain has been a mixed bag of sage brush (which smells so wonderful especially when wet), mixed pines and aspens, few meadows and lakes and tons of mountains in the foreground and background. If you’ve ever hiked, there is nothing more rewarding than looking back and noticing the mountains that you just climbed over. It really shows the distance you’ve travelled!

200 miles is the distance we’ve hiked in the past two weeks! That’s a milestone in my book. I’ve hiked many trails and thousands of miles, but I’m telling you the miles in Colorado are the toughest that I’ve tackled. I’m thinking there’s a few things that account for this but the #1 fact is there’s lots of ups and downs. On the Appalachian Trail AT, they say PUND’s – pointless ups n downs because they are in a green tunnel without much reward. Here on the CT, I call the BBBBUND’s which to me are Beautiful Bodacious Butt Busting Ups N Downs. At least in Colorado, when you go up, you have incredible vistas, mountains majesty, and sometimes even cell service, and when you go down, you are refreshed by rivers, creeks, streams and meadows. It has many more rewards, but it still is, tough business.

Another thing that Triple-Z and I are noticing is there is something about me that hummingbirds are attracted to. Whenever I sit, stop and slow down, those little tiny winged birds come to me. Even as I was filling a hole (nature calls in nature), a hummingbird came right up to me. Not now, I’m a bit busy! After some thought, I think I finally figured it out. I am dressed in red and pink and they must think I’m the biggest nectar they have ever laid beaks on. Once they get close enough, which is pretty darn close, they realize their huge mistake and fly off. But for a moment, I think I’m gonna be harpooned!

Life on the trail has been such a gift! I really am where I suppose to be, come rain or shine. The herd is thinning out and many of the hikers we met the first week have disappeared. That’s fairly typical of long distant hiking. But as of now, Triple-Z and I are carrying on.

Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

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