Day 22: Rainbows & Trash Day – Baldy Lake to Cochetopa Pass 19 miles

Can I just say that this was an absolutely perfect day. Some of you may remember my failed attempt of hiking the CT a couple of years ago. I had some bad cow water and that was the end of my trek. It’s interesting when you come back as some parts of this trail are etched in my mind, while other parts that I hiked I can barely remember. Like today. We left camp and hiked up to this expansive plateau as the sun was coming up, and I’m thinking, I’ve never been here before?!?! It was so glorious. The sky was painted all colors and the grasses were lush and green. Triple-Z accounts it to the fact that it was a different time of the day. Mornings on the trail have become my most favorite time of the day. It’s hard to describe what I see in the mornings but it is as close to heaven as I can imagine. As we hiked through the plateau, we had a little climb. Well of course, everyday we climb! It started to lightly sprinkle and as we came around the corner, there she was. The rainbow that had promised us that the rain was just to get my attention, but not going to stay. It reminded me of Gods great sense of humor. He just wanted me to truly appreciate this perfect weather we have had since we left Mt Princeton. This morning was ideal lick. After admiring Gods perfect wake up, we headed down to Razor Creek which is loaded with birds, chipmunks and squirrels. Then Triple-Z stops suddenly which always means that something is up ahead and we see two bucks with huge racks on their heads! My husband, the hunter, always says that I see more wildlife than he does. I think he’s right. Colorado is loaded with wildlife and big game. Today was another milestone for us as we passed the 300 mile marker. We have been averaging 100 miles a week which isn’t record breaking but it gets the job done, and we are enjoying every minute of it. Well maybe not every moment but pretty close to it. Today the miles were fairly easy, with only a few slight climbs and a lot of downhill. That sounds all fine and dandy but I’m sure we will be making up the elevation that we lost today.Trash day, hmm what’s that all about? Well I’ve found the silver lining to walking the roads. Today we walked close to six or seven miles on hard packed dirt roads. Being it’s Sunday, there were people leaving to go back home. I saw this big toy hauler coming down the road and wondered, this could be my lucky day! Triple-Z and I have been hauling our trash since Mt Princeton with nowhere to dispose of it properly. So I flagged down the nice couple who were very happy to off-load our trash in the bed of their truck. Yeah, we just each lost one pound of trash. So road walking has its perks, and that ended our most perfect day.

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

1 Peter 5:10

2 thoughts on “Day 22: Rainbows & Trash Day – Baldy Lake to Cochetopa Pass 19 miles

  1. Great report Kelly. Sounds like you have gotten stronger, the weather has gotten better and the beauty just keeps on rolling by. You’re headed to my favorite part of Colorado–the San Juans’s. Soon you’ll be at Slumgulliam Pass and the headwaters of the Rio Grande. Enjoy!


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