Day 24: Of Mice and Woman – La Garita to San Luis Pass 19 miles

What a surprise I had this morning. I had packed up most my gear and went out to do my morning ritual. Dig a hole, fill the hole and cover the hole. When I made it back to my tent, I had an uninvited guest inside. The tiniest little mouse huddled inside my little temporary home. I freaked out of course! It’s one thing when they are outside your tent, in the vestibule but it’s all together different when they sneak in when you’re doing your business. Triple-Z gives me her hiking stick as both of mine are being used to hold up my tent. With my shiny headlamp and a hiking pole, I’m thinking that little mouse will follow my cue and flee for his life! Well, if I was a mouse and someone is coming at me with, what appears to be a shisk- kabob and a bright light, that’s nowhere I want to go. So as I’m horrified, and the mouse is pooping his pants, Triple-Z is rolling on the ground cracking up! No help at all. This is comedy relief at 5:30am. This goes on way too long and we finally decide its time to pack up the tent and shake the mouse out. So one by one, I remove my stakes and the itsy bitsy mouse runs out the front door. Problem solved and we are finally on our way. This morning was a bit brighter than usual as we had a full moon to light up the path. The most amazing clouds that covered the moon from time to time, but still quite beautiful as we started our early morning walk. The sun came up, as it usually does, and illuminated the mountains with an aspen glow. We were blessed with all sorts of beauty!The last few days we have been immersed in cow country but that is going to be well behind us. We stopped at the pit toilets just because you have too when they present themselves. There were four deer grazing across the path and seemed to have no care that we were there. I think they knew what was in store for us and were laughing in their syndical deer way, your climb begins. Triple-Z led the way and within a few hours we were at our first pass. It was slow and steady and fortunately, I think, because we get up so darn early, it was cool and we managed to get to the saddle before noon. The climb was pretty gradual as the climbs typically around these parts, are butt busting. Once at the first pass we met another thru-hiker who was hiking to his high school reunion. That’s just plain crazy in my book, but he thought this would be a great way to get into shape and show up a bit leaner. I’d say so! He’ll be the talk of the reunion and he’s 60! He continued north and a Triple-Z and I headed south, over San Luis Peak Saddle 12588′. It was a challenging day but we still managed to get in the miles and both Triple-Z and I are feeling really strong! We both commented on the fact that the next week or so will be our biggest climbs yet. The profile map of this trail is a bit intimidating but once you start, one step at a time, your mind and body tend to follow. We are truly getting into the most beautiful sections of this trail. The San Juan Mountains are the masterpiece of Colorado and they are right around the corner!

Tomorrow we plan to resupply in Lake City. We will spend one night in town and thank you George for finding us a room! Lake City is a one-horse town and rooms are hard to come by. I am very fortunate in the fact I have an amazing husband who supports my adventures and truly, is totally involved. Whenever something goes array, sunglasses break, KT tape needs replacing, Fleece Gloves are required or I forget something that would be really useful on the trail, George is the one person that I can rely on to get me through the next hurdle. I hope all of you who are following this have a George in your life! I love you sweetheart. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

John 13:35

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