Zero Day – April 14, 2022 Approach Trail to Springer Mtn -8.9 miles

My trail angels Ron & Elisa drove me to Amicoloa Fall State Park. All northbound thru-hikers register and get their most revered tag. This is Hot Pink and my number is 2849.

Once I complete the safety talk regarding Leave No Trace. LNT principles, hear all about the Georgia hospitality and know where and how to poop in the woods, I am able to obtain my tag. It is securely fastened on my backpack which weighs in at 22.2 pounds with five days of food. My back is thanking me already!

My friend Elisa and I decide to slack pack the Approach Trail. This means no big not-so-heavy backpack in tow. Just a day pack. The trail is beautiful with the largest waterfall this side of the Mississippi. There’s something like 750 stairs to get to the top and another 1500’ climb to Springer Mountain. We power through, stopping for some Snooby snacks to give us the energy we need.

I have done much reading about this trail but had no idea that the Approach Trail truly is the way to the beginning. At the top of this rock was the infamous bronze plaque depicting the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Good Lord, to think if I would have missed this and started hiking from the parking lot, After hiking 2188 miles, I would’ve missed completing the trail! So you novices out there, you gotta do the Approach Trail!

Ron, our Uber driver friend, arrived at Springer Mountain parking lot and drove us to our swanky lodge. We were already checked in and as I was looking for a shuttle for sn early morning departure, just as the hotel restaurant closed! Arg, so what did we do? We went to Dollar General and had the finest dinner you can have from a microwave. Best laid plans of mice and men!

Signing this years Logbook for Northbound AT Hikers

3 thoughts on “Zero Day – April 14, 2022 Approach Trail to Springer Mtn -8.9 miles

  1. So envious of your energy and sense of Adventure! You will not meet a stranger o. The trail, nothing but hard work and fun awaits with God by your side. God Bless


  2. Thrilled for you, Kelly! You prepared well and now you go as The Lord’s representative on the AT, and a representative for Bayside Adventure Sports! Haha! We love you and our prayers are with you!


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