Day Ten: April 24, 2022. Indian Rock to Long Branch Elevation Profile +2224/-3066 14.7 Miles; Total 102.1 Miles

Woke up to a little rain this morning. Nothing much but just enough to get the tent wet and my sleeping bag damp. The worse part about that is stuffing the tent into my pack. My fingers and hands get filthy dirty, which yes, they already are. Now they’re just filthier and dirtier! That’s just part of the joys of living the life of a backpacking.

Trail leaving Indian Rock

Starting off today was easy going. The trail was fairly level with some downhills. No big climb to start the morning with. The birds were happy from the rain. New worms were ready for the harvesting. I saw a baby bunny who I snuck up on, and as soon as it finally realized this big giant person was within a foot or two, it scurried away into its little rabbit hole.

Little Blue Flowers Adorn the Trail

Around 10am, the group I’ve been hiking with all stopped for breakfast. Nobody wanted to eat in the rain snd once the sky cleared and a shelter was available, we all stopped, ate snd hung out our wet gear. A new hiker showed up. His trail name is Walmart. Evidently all of his gear, he bought at Walmart. He said the longer he hikes, the more things other hikers bless him with. He now has a sleeping pad and a warm sleeping bag. Other hikers know what is a must have and I’d agree a lightweight and warm sleeping bag and a inflatable mat with a decent tent are vital equipment that Walmart probably doesn’t stock. He was pretty happy with his setup and was knocking out the miles.

My Trail Family – Tramily is the Common Terminology

Today was Albert Mountain. I really didn’t know a whole lot about this part of the hike but it seems like everyone else did. We had a good lunch before tackling this monstrosity! The trail started with a typical climb but the last 3-400’ were equivalent to something you would see climbers using rope to get over. The rocks were painted with the typical white blazes. The problem I had was I couldn’t climb with my hands if I was carrying poles. I finally ditched the poles and started pulling myself up and over the rocks. It was a trail a Mountain Goat or Bighorn Sheep would travel, not a thru-hiker with a backpack! There were some moments when I was about to loose my Wheaties. I have never been fond of heights and this was no exception. Once I made it on top, the few guys who were ahead of me started applauding. I felt like I definitely earned it and bowed as I arrived.

The View of Numerous Watersheds. Seen from Mt Albert

The top of Mount Albert is a decommissioned Lookout Tower. Back in the day, they had s caretaker who would alert the FIre or Emergency Services of impending doom. Now it’s all locked up and no one can access the Tower. That’s fine with me being I had no intentions of climbing it. I had done all the climbing I could handle.

100 Mile marker on the Fire Tower

A big highlight today was crossing over the 100 mile mark. It took me ten days to walk 100 miles, which is relatively slow in my opinion. On the PCT, I had walked 100 miles by day seven. What I’ve learned from this trail, it’s not the PCT. It is much harder, much steeper, more uneven and the weather is ever-changing. The trees, shrubs, animals and bugs are quite different too. I found a big large beetle in my tent this afternoon. I don’t know if I packed him up this morning or if he moved in when I was pitching my tent this afternoon. The only thing I do know, is that he is not in my sleeping area any longer! I found a wipe, grab it and flung it out the door. Good riddance beetle-juice.

Finally at Camp – Beetle & Bug Free

With all the climbing, rain of last night and the beetle encounter, I had a pretty fine day. The weather was warm, the trees provided a good amount of shade and the company I had was outstanding. The Lord was my strength today. I told him there was no way I was making it up this rock without his help. I felt his presence all the way and throughout the day. I’m so grateful that I can tap into his glory and goodness whenever I call on him. The Holy Spirit is ours to have, all we need to is ask, seek and knock.

““Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8 NIV

2 thoughts on “Day Ten: April 24, 2022. Indian Rock to Long Branch Elevation Profile +2224/-3066 14.7 Miles; Total 102.1 Miles

  1. Hey Kelly, it’s Dorothy West—friend of Mary Beth, Jerry, Moody, Mel & Bruce. I’d love to hear about your travels, especially since I lived in PA for 25 years.

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