Day 49: June 2, 2022 Roger’s to Hurricane Elevation Profile +1973/-3787 15.9 Miles; Total 515.0 Miles

What an incredibly sunrise! As we headed out this morning, we were greeted with a mixture of clouds, mist, and a sprinkling of sunshine. We thought we were going to have an easy-going meadow walk. But it quickly turn to bouldering. Just as we left our glorious campsite, we were greeted with rocks, big rocks, rocks that you need to use your hands to get over rocks. Well at least I do.

Early Morning Sunrise

Our first couple of miles were slow going. We did get to see a few more pony’s from afar, but this was not the morning I thought it would be. And evidently Blue didn’t either. After making our way through the Fat Man Squeeze, I didn’t make that up, we climbed a bit more through an Rhododendron Garden. On both sides of the trail, we’re beautiful in-bloom purple-pink flowers. They were lovely but once again, that didn’t trump the rocks!

Bouldering 101

After 2-1/2 hours, I was ready for a break. We sat, ate some snacks and hid behind a boulder to protect us from the wind. When we left Damascus on Tuesday, there was predictions of thunderstorms on Thursday. It appears they were right. The weather was changing from one moment to the next. First cool and misty, then windy and later warm and muggy. My outfit is getting a run for it’s money as it is suppose to keep me cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. It actually does pretty good except for the constant odor! Blue says she doesn’t smell because of her clean diet! I need to be more like her.

Rhododendron Garden Path

The day was young and we had grand illusions of hiking 15-16 miles today. At 9am, we had only covered four miles so we needed to get a move-on! We were done with the rocks and started downhill towards the creek and back into the forest. One of the biggest difference between the AT and the PCT is the AT has plenty of water. There are springs, creeks, and some rivers most every mile or two. It makes it much easier as I only carry one liter of water and my small Nalgene that typically has some type of electrolytes or tea. Water is plentiful on this wet and wild trail.

Rocky Path

Just before 11am, we stopped for lunch on one of the last Balds on the day. Our tents were wet from the morning dew. There’s nothing worse than pitching a tent that’s wet from the night before. We found a huge boulder and Blue laid out all her worldly possessions. All my gear was relatively dry except my tent so I strung it to a tree-bush and let the wind takeover. As we were sitting and eating our early lunch, I noticed a pony grazing within 100’ of us. He was eating grasses and little yellow flowers and gave no mind to me and Blue. Once our gear was dry and our belly’s full, we headed out to finish up the days miles.

Pony Grazing at Grayson Highlands

The scenery today was much different from the typical green tunnel. We had a boulder scramble in the morning, some rugged meadows with brush, Rhododendron Gardens, and low meadows for grazing cattle. The variety was a welcome sight and allowed the day to pass easily.

Weather Moving In

By the afternoon, the prediction came true. Once we finished soaking our feet at Fox Creek, we tackled our one and only climb of the day. It was within the first halfmile that the thunder started. Here we go again. Blue stopped first and attached her trash bag to her pack and I put on my pack cover. Then we both had our umbrellas ready for quick deployment. And then the rain came. It wasn’t a soaking rain but enough to get you wet. We made it to camp just as there was a break in the weather. For the first time, Blue and I had to divide and conquer. With the rain coming back, there weren’t two sites next to each other that were ideal for both of us. Blue camped a bit south of me and we plan to meet at the Trailhead bright and early. Once I was all set up, the rain came back and it continues. I’m thinking this may be a long rainy night.

Stinky Smelly Kelly

Just before I left and went to my campsite, without Blue, she told me, I am not afraid! I thought about that and of course she is not afraid. She has the Lord protecting her. She knows that wherever she is or wherever she travels, Jesus is her shield, her comfort and her protector. What a wonderful testimony of faith.

“Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭62:1-2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

3 thoughts on “Day 49: June 2, 2022 Roger’s to Hurricane Elevation Profile +1973/-3787 15.9 Miles; Total 515.0 Miles

  1. Amazing sunrise!!! Love, love, love the rhododendron and the ponies!

    I so wish I could do what you are doing but I am so thankful to get a glimpse of what it’s like through your blog!

    Thank you❤️


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