Day 57: June 10, 2022 Laurel to Helvey’s Mill Elevation Profile +2314/-1642 9 Miles; Total 594 Miles

We had all intentions of getting 8-10 miles today. Late start but I’m hiking with a teenager. Funny thing, the other youngsters were moving pretty slow too. We had breakfast, packed up and hit the trail like a herd of turtles. Once we crested the first hill, it was obviously painstakingly slow going.

Free Willy – The Crawdad

Sid was having muchtodo about nothing! His legs were spinning as fast as a three-toed sloth. He was bent over, not to pick up some critter from the ground, but rather to wretch onto the trail! Sid, what’s up? My stomach hurts and I feel like I’m gonna throw up. Oh boy. Could he have Nora-Virus from two days on the trail? Crumb! We turned around and hiked back to our previous camp at Laurel Creek. As soon as we got here, he lost his breakfast! I pitched his tent and in he went, only to slide out and get rid of anything leftover. This isn’t going as planned.

New Start to the Day

So… here we are day three. Me and Sid on the trail. Not what I envisioned but at least we have a nice place to layover until whatever creepy crud he has in him, vacates his teenage mutant body. A huge blessing, we had a Trail Angel stop by and dropped off a cooler full of Gatorade and other icy cold drinks! Once again, the trail provides.

Trail Magic Perfection

The sun is shining through the trees, I have a bench to sit on that was donated by Sandy, the best hiking dog ever, so it says. And I am able to relax near a River. I’m thinking, this is a fine Zero on the trail. I haven’t taken one of those yet. Sid was gracious to propose a lovely place to recover, and it’s free! No Hostel or Hotel fees. I’m thinking, I’ll read a book, and maybe take a nap. It could be much worse!

The Day is Not Lost

Sid had a good rest, warmed up next to the fire and was ready to take another crack at the trail. After a rocky start, we cranked out a few miles. Along the way, someone did the mileage art. 593 miles, how odd. But it made us laugh. We had picked up another hiker along the way, Unicorn. He is a riot and made the conversation light and easy as we did our final climb. His name Unicorn is based on the fact that he comes and goes freely on the trail, bringing laughs and goodwill, and then vanishes. How appropriate! And what perfect timing.

593 Miles on AT

We ended at Helvey’s Mill Shelter. A short day but a great recovery! When you have lemons, make lemonade. Sid is back in the supine position sleeping in a shelter. So…tomorrow we will do it again and hit the trail with high hopes. Whatever bug Sid had, he seems to have rid himself of it. Thank you Lord for your healing powers and mercy’s. Sid is resting peacefully, and I am content. We hiked a few more miles and we are getting closer to Maine. One baby step at a time, with an abundance of mercy and grace!

Sleepy Sid in Helvey’s Mill Shelter

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭4:16‬ ‭NIV‬‬

4 thoughts on “Day 57: June 10, 2022 Laurel to Helvey’s Mill Elevation Profile +2314/-1642 9 Miles; Total 594 Miles

    • Oh my gosh, I about cried when I was sitting on that bench. Our dogs are such great partners. Trail Magic 😜 love that. We will be at woods Hole in a couple of days near Pearisburg. Not sure where you are?


  1. Glad Sid is with you – hope you don’t get the virus – I’m sure by the time his journey ends he will be a better man for doing it and you a proud grandma! Takes a little time to transition into the hiker mode. God speed.😊

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