Day 65: June 18, 2022 VA 42 to Near Campsite Elevation Profile +146/-0 Zero + 0.3 Miles; Total 678.0 Miles

Today for all intentions was a Zero Day! You all know how I love a day off. For the past ten days, I’ve been hiking or slackpacking and honestly my feet needed a day off, more than me. I laid in my tent till close to 9am. I know, crazy but it felt wonderful. Sid has commandeered a cot and took over the horse stall. At 11am, Honeybun took us to town to buy some food and plan out our day. I had talked with some hikers yesterday on the Ridgeline about our shuttle driver and the accommodations. Well they bit and as we were inside Walmart, Pink Panther and Moxie called asking for a ride. Sid and I returned from our shopping and Honeybun headed to the trail to pick up the hikers. Mulligan decided to tag along.

Old Farmhouse in New Castle, Virginia

Honeybun took us all back to the Ranch and showed the new recruits around. Sid had busted his cell phone screen and needed to get it replaced. So our next bit of business was finding a repair shop. Ends up that on the east coast, time does not equate to money. No one wants to work weekends, or they are on extended vacation or they’re closed. But finally, several phone calls later, we find this guy in Blacksburg. After talking with him for a bit, he sounds legitimate and we drive a half an hour to his repair shop. I open the door and there’s two guys sitting in what appears to be a dormitory studio apartment. Hmm, Sid is a bit taken back and I start talking. He has several phones he’s repairing, lots of screens that are in new boxes and he’s fixing a phone while we are there. He obviously knows what he’s doing and with the University across the street, he has a lot of clientele. In fact a kid walks in and he hands him his phone back, screen replaced, as good as new. The kid thanks him and says he’ll see him again. The repair man tells me it’s the fifth time he’s fixed his phone for $100 a pop! I think I’d rather spend the money on a good case to keep the phone protected?!?! He’s a great customer. Within five minutes, he has heated the seal on Sid’s phone, pops it open, removes the teeny tiny screws, and replaces the screen. What a business! Sid pays him with all the money he has and we are off.

Sid at the Ranch

Meantime back at the ranch, our friends have taken showers, hand-washed their clothes-being the power is still out and waiting for Honeybun to return. HB operates quite the shuttle business. He provided twelve shuttle rides yesterday and is on number seven today. He never seems to have a day off. HB returns and we all decide to head back to the trail. The shuttle is the same price whether there are two or ten. So having five hikers to split the ride, makes it much cheaper for Sid and I.

Honeybun with Random Hikers

Pink Panther, Moxie and Mulligan stop at Walmart and we all head over to Wendy’s. This is getting to be a habit. Mulligan asks the gal at the counter, what has the most amount of calories? That’s what she wants! It’s so funny as I try to be somewhat healthy when I order but as a thru-hiker, it’s about the most nutrient dense, calorie laden food you can consume. Sid and I order Strawberry Shakes and Sid gets a Burger and Fries with it. I’m good with a shake.

Headed to Camp

All five of us head back to the trail and as we pull up, Just Vince is standing on the side of the road. After talking with HB, Vince gets a ride to town. Another shuttle service provided. Another few dollars earned! We bid farewell to Honeybun as Sid and I head up the trail to the first campsite we could find. Within a few minutes, we arrived. Nice flat site with firewood and trees to climb. Sid was as happy as he could be for being back on trail. I’m glad to be back as the weather, for now, is lovely and I too, am in my happy place.

Sid Climbing the Tree Looking for Dead Wood

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. To my husband George for being a role model to our children and grandchildren. He loves the Lord and through that love, he has been an incredible father and mentor to our family.

My Hubby George

To my Dad, Jerry. This has been a tough year. You have showed incredible faithfulness in all that you have endured. I am so grateful for who you are! One of the strongest men I know, the one who has loved me like your own daughter and the man who loved my mother so well! You are my inspiration to keep going when things get tough out here Dad. If you can push through all that you have this year, then I can make it to Katahdin. I love you Dad and know you are the best earthly father a girl could ever desire. Happy Father’s Day!

My Dad Jerry

“As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him;”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭103:13‬ ‭NIV‬‬

One thought on “Day 65: June 18, 2022 VA 42 to Near Campsite Elevation Profile +146/-0 Zero + 0.3 Miles; Total 678.0 Miles

  1. Looks beautiful and what wonderful sites and experiences you both are privileged to have. Makes me want to move to the east side of America. Be safe and God speed!

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