Day 4: May 20, 2023 Deer Lick Shelter to Hosack Run CS Elevation +2559/-2489 Miles 21.7/66.8

What an amazing husband I have. Kudos to Superman. Laying in my tent last night was dismal. I had no air in my mattress and wondering how this was a lesson in trusting the Lord. Well he already had a perfect plan indeed. See this little hike of mine cannot be accomplished just by me. It takes support from home to make it happen. Somehow someway I had service & wi-fi and was able get online and search for my new mattress. Then George ordered it for me because here on the East Coast, they were sold out. He purchased my new and improved Neo-Air XTherm, received the 75th Anniversary 20% off at REI and overnighted it to me. That is service indeed!

My Superman George

My next thought was what am I to do for the next 2-3 nights without some padding for these tired bones? I went on my handy dandy FarOut App and found a local named Mazhar who provides rides for AT Hikers. Without delay, he answered my text at 10:30pm, told me there was a Dicks Sporting Goods down the road and would pick me up in the morning.

Morning Alarm Clock -Red Cardinal

I couldn’t sleep much so before the birds starting singing, I was up, packed and on my way to my shuttle. Mazher whooshed me away, got a Z-Lite pad, which just for the record, I usually carry as a backup. Lesson learned. Always have a plan B when it comes to sleeping. Without rest, I’m an accident waiting to happen and a hazard to all around me! The people who have hiked with me know exactly what I mean.

Ends up Mazher is from Pakistan. He invites me over for lunch and to meet his family. Seriously, a free homemade meal? That’s a yes! His wife Sadia was so sweet. She introduces me to her three children as Mazher gets another call for a ride. I’m good, I’ll hang out with Sadia and drink Chai Tea, eat Samosa’s with this incredible delectable green yogurt sauce and cumin seeded cookies. Oh my goodness. What a blessing I am receiving today.

Lunch with the Pakistanis

As Mazher was shuttling another hiker, Sadia and I shared our faith. She’s Muslim and has a Christian friend. What an opportunity to speak Gods love and word to her. I opened my Bible and we talked about creation and her beliefs of who God is. I think this is exactly what my Lord had planned all along. Pop your mattress and share my gospel. And that was the start of my day.

Sadia & 6 year old Son

Mazher returned, had a bite to eat and shuttled me back to the trail. But not before his wife made me a care package of food to take with me. That’s hospitality plus. I had a lot of miles to catch up on and luckily the trail was relatively flatter. A storm was brewing and everyone has been talking about it. So I made a dash for my next camp.

Made it to the Unofficial 1/2 Way Marker

I think this must be Boy Scout week because I ran into four separate groups of scouts. Ends up two of the groups are from the same pack and planned to meet from different directions, then camp at a State Park just off the trail. These boys are fit and actually looked like they were having fun. Each year they either hike 50 miles, canoe or bike for a week. What a great opportunity and adventure for these young teens.

Mason/Dixon Line

So this is the second time, I heard what I believe is a bear falling from a tree. On my way from the last water hole, a huge branch and thud came from the forest next to me. I don’t think we have monkeys here, and that wasn’t no chipmunk! I start talking gibberish to the bear that I can’t see. He must think I’m crazier than he knows, and runs off in the opposite direction. My plan seems to have worked and I’m making forward movement down the trail.

The Bigger the Trees. The Bigger the Bears

I finally make it to camp, which is perfectly situated on an off shoot of the main trail. No crowds, no other hikers. Just me and my sweet little tent. Just as I find my perfect spot, I feel the first of the raindrops that has been the talk of the trail. I get my home built licitly-split and I’m inside, free from the impending rain. That’s timing, What an ending to a most perfect day.

After the Rain

2 thoughts on “Day 4: May 20, 2023 Deer Lick Shelter to Hosack Run CS Elevation +2559/-2489 Miles 21.7/66.8

  1. You are such a great writer, Kelly. Thank for letting me hike with you through reading your posts. You are a wonderful representative for Jesus! Keep going! I’ll check in with George and let him know that all of us are grateful for how he is supporting you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • George is my only reason I can do this! It takes a huge amount of time and energy to get me to the end! I’m truly blessed to have him cheering me on. And thank you for you allowing me to train in BAS. You started this 😊


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