Scarey Part Done

i have arrived in beautiful sunny San Diego. As I woke up this morning I realized what I had signed up for, hiking with God but the plane flight, that I wasn’t ready for. I’m not sure why flying scares me so? Isn’t it the  safest mode of transportation? I guess it’s that sudden stoppage that I have zero control over. 

God blessed me with a nice crew. As I am standing in line, my hubby kisses me good-bye (like the ole days before 9/11 ) but being an employee of Homeland Security has its perks. So back to the kiss… He kisses me goodbye as the flight crew feels they need to get onboard with all that! Before I know it, I get a big hug from the gal checking my boarding pass as George looks on. Good thing we had a belly laugh before I left or it would have been much to mushy with many tears flowing! 

Now that I am safely back on the ground, I can honestly say, the scariest part is over! My trail angel Jan picked me up at the airport, gave me a tour of downtown San Diego as there were not one, but two Sig-Alerts on I-5. Once again, flying is safer than driving.

I plan to relax for the day, check out my maps and make sure I am headed in the right or most northerly direction. As long as I don’t get on the wrong side of the border, the fence should be a clue, then I will be putting my first footsteps on the PCT early morning Friday. 

God, give me strength to do the things that I can only do when you are with me.  

Happy trails and I’ll keep in touch.  

6 thoughts on “Scarey Part Done

  1. God bless your every breath and step Kelly! I love you and will be watching for your updates and praying for you!!!! Let the grand adventure with the Lord begin! He goes before you!


  2. You are so funny! What a great start to your adventure. You are really doing this!!! You go girl! (North…… You go North girl!!) God is good. Love and prayers, Gail


  3. HIKE, KELLY HIKE!!! I am so very proud of you. God will carry you when you can’t carry yourself. I will go ahead and finish up all the beers in the fridge for you. It’s the least I can do to help you out. Miss you terribly but this one’s for God. Zack says HI or should I say woof woof!


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