Monument to Mt Laguna

  The journey begins. I took my first steps on the PCT on April 10 with eight other trail friends. This truly is a small community of like-minded individuals who have the same amazing goal of somehow walking 2660 miles north. God willing, we will all make it!

I have already made myself a bloody good friend from New Zealand. She is a delight and we have much in common. We are the same age, have two children, married on the same date and are in no big hurry to get to Canada. We talked today about our faith and how God has revealed himself in our lives. She is still searching but knows that nothing is by chance and that we were truly meant to be hiking these first miles together! God has a plan for all of us and who would think that he could bring two hikers together that live in different hemispheres some thousands of miles away! “I am the Lord; that is my name.” Isaiah 42:8. Never underestimate the power of our Lord!

These past few days have been splendid with tepid tempatures and clear skies. The trail is much different than I had expected. The high desert is stunning! Purple mountains with manzanita, wild flowers, lizards, snakes, rabbits, skunks and many birds and loud owls in the evenings. It is reminiscent of the garden of Eden and how God had designed this world of ours.  

So after 42 miles, God has provided me strength when I thought I could not take another step. He has created springs of clear water when we have had a drought for three years!   And this is only the beginning. So the journey continues with some waterless days ahead and no doubt, much warmer days too!


“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” Psalms 119:105

May the trail lead you to God’s will for your abundant life. 

5 thoughts on “Monument to Mt Laguna

  1. We have a great God and wonderful creation, enjoy it and His presence on your hike. Great pics so far, hope you can keep it up.

    In His Name,


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