Warner Springs to Idyllwild

The adventure continues. Another 70 miles trekked and I am still standing! This last few days on the trail have been the most grueling so far. I’m not sure if it is the intense climbing, day after day or the lack of sleep is finally catching up after two weeks, but I had a tough couple of days of it. Without my trail friend “Breeze” I probably would not have been smiling as much but she is a riot! She flew in from New Zealand and entered the trail the same day as I did on April 10th. We hiked the first few days together, then I jumped ahead and we met again at Warner Springs. I call her “Breeze” because every time I see her, she is as welcome as a summer breeze. When the climbing gets tough, I hear her behind me laughing! She says it’s a nervous laugh because she knows she is in for some additional torment. It makes me smile knowing that someone else is suffering as bad as me. Don’t get me wrong, but its just the reality for this stretch of the PCT.

The desert terrain has changed a bit and is entering some higher elevation now. I must admit that I will miss this incredibly beautiful landscape that is so expansive. As I climb from one section to the next, I thank God that I am here. With every step, each breath and bead of sweat, I can’t help to marvel over how God has designed me. Just the mere thought of this overwhelms me and brings me closer to how truly amazing He is! What a great and wonderful God we have!

 As I head north, I am starting to enter the mountains of San Jacinto and San Gorgonia. For Southern California they are the big daddies and are still getting snow flurries and some light accumulation of snow as of last night. I am seeing more and more hikers on the trail the last couple of days as we are bottle necking waiting for a storm to pass over us. So what do hikers do when they are waiting out storms? Well a few of us were invited to Brie and Kellyn’s cabin for dinner and some wine. Yes, it is one of the perks that come along when a storm is brewing. 


But the trail is waiting and honestly, I am ready to jump back on. It’s funny that once you get into your groove, sitting around is truly much harder than hiking. I am treasuring my time relaxing with some new friends and catching up with others that I have met on the trail here in Idyllwild. What a charming town and glad I was able to clean up and eat something not dehydrated ! And of course, drink some beer! 


So what have I learned these past few days on the trail? God knows me better than I know myself. He knows that He has plans for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, but I need to conquer some mountains to get to the true riches of His kingdom. And with that, yes I may suffer a bit, but as long as I continue, there will be much growth in my character. And I will become the woman that He designed me to be!

We know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance grows character, and character gives us hope. Romans 5:3-5


3 thoughts on “Warner Springs to Idyllwild

  1. I am happy to share your journey through words and pictures. You look great! I pray that the next few days teach your body to sleep restfully. My boys were partial insomniacs before USMC boot camp but being in a barracks taught them how to sleep deeply. I hope the trail and the ground do that for you!


  2. Love the pics and am glad to hear about the many trail angels that abound. It is truly amazing how people can be so giving and caring to those out there in the wilderness….you look like you are having a splendid time…enjoy the journey.


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