Laguna to Warner Springs

First 110 miles down, only 2550 to go. It has been an interesting journey so far. I was terrified about being in the desert mostly because of the unknown. All the heat, the lack of water, the endless sandy soil, snakes slithering on the trail, prickly cactus and everything that abounds that is unlike home! Well everything that I thought was true but I have learned to love this place called the desert. The heat is dry and actually not as hot as I imagined. The lack of water is true but you learn when to carry extra and at certain places, there are caches of water humped in by incredibly caring people. The snakes truly are much more afraid of me. I am too big for them to swallow and eat! And the cactus are so beautiful in bloom. But they are not ones you would pick to bring home or put in your hair. Well maybe once but you will learn quickly you are much better to admire them from afar.

The trail is absolutely magical. Each step is filled with Godly moments. The wonders of how a small delicate flower can somehow grow in an inhabited place or why do cows wander in this endless desert? There are much greener pastures but they are quite content just where they are. Contentment is so important on this trail and to think a cow can teach me what truly matters!

I have learned not to worry about what’s ahead but love the moment that I am in. Even when I am headed up a hill that has no end in sight, or when my feet are as hot as the day is long, or when I’m so tired and still need to get to a campsite and where I am won’t possibly do, or when the wind is blowing so hard that I can barely stand or worse yet, erect my tent. Yes, those are the moments that I treasure and know that God is there with me. I do believe that He placed me in the desert first so that when I reach the mountains I will truely appreciate all His glory!

Yes, I do love the desert! I now understand why Jesus spent 40 days listening to His Father and getting direction as to his destiny. I believe that the Lord is giving me the same direction, be still and quiet and know that I am with you every step, every moment, everywhere I go.

Yes, contentment and stillness have been lessons learned and it has only taken me 110 miles. Cannot wait to see what is up ahead. Oh there I go again, be in the moment. Maybe I still have another 100 or so miles to go before I get it… God has such a great sence of honor.





5 thoughts on “Laguna to Warner Springs

  1. Kelly, I’m so proud and amazed at your drive! Great photo’s and commentary of your trip, I feel like I’m there with you. You “Go Girl!”


  2. Kelly, We love your diary and yes, you are hiking for God who is always with us and He does have a
    plan for you and you are listening to Him. We will keep you in our prayers for a safe journey and can hardly wait for your return and to tell us personally all about it.


  3. Hi, met you at Scout and Frodo’s. Glad it is going well. We were only section hiking and got done as you were starting. Monkey Bars


  4. It is a joy to follow your journey and sharing of God’s word. I am a section hiker that lives in Washington state near White Pass. Maybe our paths will cross this summer once you reach the Evergreen state.


  5. Wonderful blog – there are so many things you will learn as you endure the miles ahead. So many wonderful people, places and events that will mold your life forever. Having God as your hiking partner – who could ask for more! You are safe in his watch and guided by his footsteps. Love you and always remember you are in All our prayers, thoughts and hearts.😘 Bertha


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