Day 17: Mt Princeton Here We Come – Dry Creek to Resort 4 miles

I survived the onslaught of rain! Today is the day both Triple-Z and I have been dreaming of. Mt Princeton Hot Springs Resort is a swanky place with European sheets, Goose-down pillows, Creekside Rooms and yes, a Hot Springs, both natural and poolside. Life is good. All we need to do is walk there.

The skies cleared up and made for a great trek off the mountain. It seems that all the hikers had the same idea, get up early, get to town and dry off! Triple-Z and I had a conversation about the storms that keep coming. We made an unilateral decision that we should stay at the resort until the sun returns! And so it will be.

The road walk went through private property and the owner of these lands takes a lot of pride in their property. The dirt roads were currently graded, the road was pristine and it made for a wonderful morning walk. Within two hours, we had reserved a third night at Mt Princeton. It appears that this weather system plans to change course by Wednesday so we are digging our heels in and waiting it out. Don’t feel bad for us, we’ll suffer through it 😀

My Princeton is just up the mountain from Buena Vista. It was originally built in the mid 1800’s for the over 50 mines that were operating at full capacity. With all the miners, South Park & Pacific Railroad developed a line through the canyon and constructed the Alpine Tunnel, the highest and most expensive tunnel ever built in its time. During 1879-2018, this resort has changed many owners but has stood the test of time. It truly is a gem in the mountains with healing waters. I need some healing so here we are through Wednesday. First things first, hamburgers and onion rings! Not my go-to meal but on the trail, I can eat whatever my heart contents. Based on my body weight, amount of miles hiked per day, I am burning 3500-4500 calories a day! And hence another reason I love to backpack!

There’s nothing in my backpack food that tastes better than this! So now the relaxation begins. Pool time, lounging in bed, reading, blogging and posting. Thank you Lord for loving me so much, that I earned a few days of rest, not just one.

Come to me, all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

6 thoughts on “Day 17: Mt Princeton Here We Come – Dry Creek to Resort 4 miles

  1. Enjoy your well earned reprieve from the trail!! You have inspired us – not to back pack, but to add this resort to our next Vail trip (😆😆). Your blogs and pics do make me wish I liked back packing but…not going to happen. I’ll continue my vicarious experience through you my friend!! Take care – safe travels to both of you!


  2. My wife and I think the Buena Vista area is beautiful. We camped above there after visiting Cripple Creek where my grandfather mined for gold during Goldrush days (he only found enough to make my grandmother’s wedding ring). So happy you are getting to spend a few days in the lap of luxury after roughing it on the trail. Relax, recoup, refresh, and get ready to hit it again – we’ll be vicariously riding along with you! 😊


    • A couple of years ago, I stopped in BV. What a quaint little town. The Hot Springs have been wonderful. Quite the life of luxury. I’ll be ready to hit the trail but not before another day at the spa 😀


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