Zero Day plus 2: Mt Princeton Hot Springs 0 miles

I had no idea that this glorious time at Mt Princeton would be so relaxing. I did nothing, nada, badda-bing! It wasn’t like anything I have experienced in the past two and a half weeks. Wake up whenever my eyes open, lounge around for an hour or two, walk over for pool time, lounge some more, hang out in the hot springs, talk with the staff, eat lunch, wander over to the juice bar, drink, more pool time and back to the room to chill for the night. Then laugh as the rain comes crashing down! And that it did! Rain, thunder and lightning. And more rain! Today reality set back in. I had to get my backpack back in order, pack up my 8 1/2 days of food, and somehow someway shove everything back in my bag. Tomorrow I’ll be back getting dirty, feeling the earth under my feet and praying for sunshine on my shoulders! I must say this was one of the best respites I have experienced. With the healing waters of the hot springs, the pampered days of rest and relaxation, and quality sleep, I am ready to finish the final 250 plus miles. Tomorrow will be my last cooked meal that isn’t dehydrated for the next 16 days. I’ll be eating something fresh and savory. Anything but oatmeal! My hubby sent me a picture of the produce from our garden that I planted back in April. All I can think of now is tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers and zucchini. Oh what I would do for a vegetable omelette! In case you are not a backpacker, one of the forbidden things on the trail is talking about all the foods we miss! But it always comes back to… all the food we miss! Maybe I’ll wander into a garden on the trail. Oh I can only dream.

Life begins once Jesus becomes the reason you live it.

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