Day 18: Half-Way There – Mt Princeton to Sand Creek – 13 miles

This was a bittersweet day. We had to say goodbye to all our friends at Mt Princeton. When you spend three days at a place, you start recognizing people. I try to make a habit of remembering peoples names, especially ones that go the extra mile! From the time I called Corrine at the front desk to extend our stay, the service was exceptional. Isaiah checked us in early, and Steve gave us a ride to our suite on the river, being we had no car, four resupply boxes and backpacks! Once squared away with all our provisions, Christopher and Cody took care of us at the Hot Springs Pool and Spa while Sue and Liz were our waitresses for our daily lunch. Each day we had the same amazing people who became our friends. When we got a ride back to the trail, Steve reminded us that we really didn’t have to go, but to send a postcard to let him know we made it safe down the trail. However, the mountains are calling and we must go, for at this rate, we will never make it to Durango! Something about the first day out after a few days off. As Triple-Z corrected me, we had one Nero and two zeros! Nero being we hiked a few trail miles, where zeros there are no trail miles hiked. Don’t get me wrong because while we were at Mt Princeton, we walked everywhere and most likely did at least one mile a day, but it wasn’t on the trail, so it doesn’t count! As we took off this morning our packs were loaded to the brim. Both me and Triple-Z had a hard time moving up the hills and felt like turtles with all the weight on our backs! Our food and water weighed close to 15 pounds plus all our worldly possessions so I’m sure we tipped the scales at 30 or more pounds! Needless to say, we were moving as fast as a three-toed sloth, which evidentially isn’t very fast! Lucky for us the weather was accommodating and we only had a few sprinkles. This section of trail is much different from the past 200 miles. We have entered Cowtown! By noon, we met our first cows on the trail. They were quite polite and moved off the trail but not with lightning speed. I think they are always a bit slow and never seem to be in a hurry for anything at all. The terrain was fairly flat with just a few little hiccups going up and down but honestly, this was a perfect re-entry day because like the cows, I wasn’t into moving very fast either. The most exciting part of the day is that once at camp, we have trekked half-way! Depending on if you are following Guthook, the app that highlights the CT and tells you everything you need to know about finding water, ideal camping spots or just fun facts, it calls the creek that we are camping at Halfway. At first I didn’t get it (yes I am truly a blonde) but then I put it together and realized we are halfway from Waterton and Durango! If I had a bottle of champagne or a shot of tequila, I’d be celebrating, but all I have is tea so that’ll have to suffice.

Great news, I think we have escaped the wrath of a certain weather pattern, and I am nice and dry in my tent! That’s a huge praise as any of you who have been following me, the rain has been the topic of my blog! Oh, one last thing, we finally saw horses on the trail! I have seen leftovers from horses, if you get my drift, but not the real deal. I’m thinking a moose may be in my future after all!

But he said to me, “My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

2 thoughts on “Day 18: Half-Way There – Mt Princeton to Sand Creek – 13 miles

  1. Kelly we love your blog and wonder how you are doing this but knowing you, and with God’s grace, you will finish. Love the scriptures you have that go along with your blog. PERFECT! Praying for nice dry weather but not too hot and safe hiking. You are awesome and we keep you in our prayers as you go forward to Durango. Hugs! Leif & Laurel


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