Day 33: Humility- Taylor Lake to Durango Terminus 22 miles

God has a funny way of keeping us humble. This trail has taught me that I’m not all that I think I am. Yes I can hike but there’s always someone that hikes faster and gets in more miles. I’m not the best selector of tent sites because last night I moved my tent three times before I could pitch it correctly! And still had to wake up in the middle of the night because my guide line was detached. It always humbles me when I hike a long distant trail. I always learn that I’m not all I think I am, and the only reason I arrive at the terminus is that God provides a way! I woke up this morning feeling the best I have in a week. My lovely husband had already arrived in Durango so I sprung on an idea to Triple-Z. Lets see if we can wrap up this trail today?!?! That’s a lot of miles but I’m up for a challenge. We had a mostly downhill slide. The trail was shaded for the first bit with cedar and pine trees. It had some shale areas that are always tough for me, keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground. We kept running into our tramily, trail family, and mostly everyone had the same goal, finishing up the trail today.

The flowers were bigger the lower in elevation we went. Today was all about putting in big miles and pushing ourself one last time. As I’m headed down, I had no idea that’s Triple-Z was timing me. She was counting off the miles and told me I was hiking three miles per hour. Keep this up and you’ll see George by 5:30pm! That was all the motivation I needed. During the past few days, I was lucky to get 1-1/2 to 2 miles per hour. I was moving at a turtle pace, just one foot in front of the other.We stopped for lunch and water and I saw these dried dead bones. Some animal had lost its life next to this beautiful river and source of life. I could only dream that my last breath would be in Gods creation, surrounded by mountains and fresh springs of water! As we came close to the end of our journey, we nodded farewell to one of our friends who we hiked with. He had planned to spend one more night in the wilderness hoping to savor the time before returning to the city. There is such a fine line between life inside and being outdoors. We can always wander outside, but to truly become one with nature, takes a special bond and commitment. Triple-Z and I met many people on the trail but honestly only a small percentage actually make it to completion. There are many reasons that take us off trail, family, injuries, on this trail giardia, but the few that see it to the end, have a change. Some more dramatic than others but you can not walk off this trail without humility. It humbles you from day one with the heat. Then you hit the monsoons with thunder and lightning scaring the daylights out of you. As you start the incredible climbs, the altitude and the daily ups and downs, sends many home. But once you get into a rhythm you find the glory, you get into step, and if you are fortunate enough, you have someone to share it with! Triple-Z and I started this trail together and we ended it together. We had our moments, our exchanges of ideas but we had each other, and that was a gift. We are two different people, we believe in two different philosophies yet God brought us together to share this experience! It was a grand and insightful time we had, filled with grace and humility and we accomplished what we set our hearts on. Spend time outdoors with our higher being, mine being God and hers being the universe. In the end, we grew to understand each other better and most of all, to be accepting of one another right where we are.

I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.

2 Timothy 4:7

11 thoughts on “Day 33: Humility- Taylor Lake to Durango Terminus 22 miles

  1. Well done Kelly! I read and enjoyed every blog and lived vicariously through you. Thank God for keeping you two safe and inspiring me through your journey. Looking forward to seeing you and George safely back home soon.  BlessingsMoody

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  2. Oh my gosh i have loved your journey and I am going to miss your daily read!! I love all the truthfulness with the ups and downs. Kelly congratulations? Job well done!! You have fought the good fight and God was with you the whole way! You and Triple Z may have different ways of viewing God but you have to believe God was using you in her life for a greater purpose and you may never know how He had used you in her coming to Him and accepting Him as her greater power but trust me your faithfulness will have an impact.
    I’m so impressed with how many miles you hiked!! When you get home to Tahoe feel free to hike to Dayton-NV lol, or call me and I will drive over to meet up with you or you and your hubby can come to Dayton. We’d love to host you.
    Congratulations 👏 again! Job well done ❣❣


  3. Amazing adventure Kelly! I love LoVE the way you see God in each bit of your journey. Your perspective is a breath of fresh air. The photos are gorgeous!


  4. Kelly now it is time to rest & reflect. Time with George & just adjusting to this crazy world but God is in control so remain faithful as He’s got this one. Blessings always!


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