Life After the Colorado Trail

I have been recouping and reacquainting myself with life after the trail. There is something so magical about being in the mountains, away from the nonsense of this daily rhythm of life. Something so simplistic as waking up to a sunrise, packing up your few possessions and walking the thin line. The sometimes not-so straight but ever-so narrow path that God provides for me is all I need. The unseen is what I strive for. Not knowing what will present itself ahead of me, only the anticipation of Gods glorious provisions is all I can dream for. Oh, how truly loved I felt on the trail, how completely protected and cared for as I hiked mile after mile, day upon day, weeks that turned into a month. Even though I was only on the trail for five weeks, 34 days of hiking, it puts you in another mindset. They say a habit forms in 21 days, and hiking with God was a habit I didn’t want to break. My wonderful husband George picked me up from the trail and we have been relaxing and checking out the sights of Park City, Utah. There are ski mountains that surround this town, beautiful rugged peaks that rise up around such a gorgeous place. It just so happens that my 60th birthday and 25th anniversary fall on the same day, August 19th. George asked me how I feel now that I’m 60 years young? Honestly, I feel absolutely blessed. God has provided me this incredible body that is His temple, a shell that allows me to climb mountains, hike trails and enjoy our Lords creation that only a few experience. Life is good but God is better! He is the one and only reason that I am who I am. He created me, ordained my days and put these passions of my heart. All I need to do is take care of myself the best I know how, ask for wisdom to make the right decisions and to live the life that He has given me.

As I look back on the trail, I long to be back out there. It is a selfish desire I have to want to be so close to God, to hear His voice, to feel His breeze upon my face, to know His desires for my steps. I understand that He also wants me in relationship with others, my husband and family, my friends and foes, and my community of believers, and ones who He wants me to share His word with. Hiking is a passion of mine that will never cease, but there must be a balance. Until I hike again, I will love my Lord right where I am. Sitting in my yard, I can hear Gods quiet voice. I can feel His breeze on my face and truly know His love for me. He never leaves me whether I am in the mountains or tilling the soil in my backyard! That is His promise to all of us. Wherever you are, I am with you! Never hold onto to anything tighter than you are holding onto God…

One thought on “Life After the Colorado Trail

  1. Such a great wrap up and encouragement to each one of us in our faith journey! Beautifully written Kelly ❣❣
    Thanks for including me in your blog, I truly enjoyed the daily reads and felt like I was there on your journey.
    God bless and I am going to miss seeing you with BSF!
    Love Jayne


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