Fix Your Eyes on Things Unseen

Each day is such a gift. So cliche’, but is it? Yesterday was a glorious day! My family woke to new possibilities. My earthly father was whistling like he had all the breath that God has blessed him with. Just a couple of days ago, he could barely breath! But our wonderful and miraculous Heavenly Father granted him another day. No cliche’ in my mind!

As we went through our day, we received blessing upon blessing. The Doctor from the Pain Management Clinic called and was willing to stay through his lunch break to evaluate my Mother. We have been on a waitlist for the past month, and were not scheduled to see the “sought after doc” until mid-March. Now we have a lunch date with him tomorrow.

Mom and I celebrated by sitting on the patio and soaking up some much needed Vitamin D. The birds were chirping, eating little worms from the ground, the flowers were glistening from the early morning mist and life was as sweet as pie from Blooming Farm Bakery. (Hence the picture above.) Sometimes all you need to walk with God is a step outside your door. Indeed, that’s as far as this dynamic duo made it. That is all God required us to do to experience his countless blessings.

As the evening rolled around, Mom started having her seizures again. These have been off and on since the beginning of last year and after all the hospitalizations, pokes and prods, there hasn’t been much determined. More tests, EEG’s and CT scans but still no answers. We watched our nightly Hallmark movie and retired early to bed.

This morning was going to be the trip to Doctor Pain Management. Yet Mom was not having it. After yesterday’s beautiful, most wonderful day, today was nothing of the same. Wanda, my sweet Mom, continues to endure small seizures this morning and needless to say, we are hunkering down. These are the days when I wonder how strong I really am? Can I get through this with faith alone? And then God reminds me that each day is truly a blessing, an incredible unwrapped gift! As my prayers are heard, God remains true. I need to trust even in the darkness, because I know there is miraculous light just around the next corner. Surely Jesus will show His mercies in the early morning glimmer.

I fix my eyes on things unseen, on days ahead and must believe that better hikes, walks with God, are around the bend. At times it seems like a cliche’ but today it is, truly a gift! And who knows, who will be holding who’s’ hand on that walk? I can only pray that I will be there with my Godly Father, hand in hand, every step of the way. Many prayers for my family as we continue our journey, one step at a time, one continuous walk in faith.

One thought on “Fix Your Eyes on Things Unseen

  1. Yes, always constant in prayer as I was today with our beloved country in turmoil but I know God is in charge. I continue to pray for you and your trials that you are having and may your parents continue to be blessed. Hang in there as the best is yet to come and us faithful know that!!! Hugs!

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