Who Am I

What a glorious week it has been. Here in NorCal, we were blanketed with five feet of much needed snow. I wish I could tell you that I dusted off my snowshoes and headed to the mountains to hike with God. But this week I skied with our Heavenly Father. My family and I headed to Truckee along with the masses and took to the slopes, looking for our first powder of the season. There is something so special about virgin snow, white crystals with untracked slopes is nothing short of fabulous. Our sweet Lord has brought us the much needed love for our mountains.

I have been reading and listening to the Bible daily since the first of the year. God knew that this was going to be a tough season for me. It always makes me pause when I read scripture and wonder when was that put in the word? How did I miss this the last time I read that verse? In Exodus, Moses is chosen to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into the promised land. Over 400 years ago God had promised Abraham, Issac and Jacob this land filled with milk and honey to be their land, the resting place for the Jewish nation. Moses was an ordinary guy, under some extraordinary circumstances and God commissioned him to take his people away from Pharaoh. Pharaoh was having no part of this and Moses did not believe that he possessed the qualities, nor the ability to free his people from slavery. He asked God, who am I to lead these people out of Egypt? I wonder oh so often, why me God? Why would you think I can do this or how can I make a difference? Our Father in heaven sees us with such different lenses. He equips us to do the impossible. He created us to be the person He knows we are to be. If only we will allow Him to take the reigns, our abilities are endless!

I have walked through valleys and have climbed mountains not knowing how I would make it another step. Literally, I have fallen down, twisted and bloody wondering who am I to think I can do this? But God knew I was capable of what He sent me to do. He provided the training, the heart, the willpower, the focus and determination it would take to complete the journey He sent me on. Don’t ever think that what you are in the midst of, that there is no possibility of finishing what He has started in you! I have enough faith that even when I cannot continue, I can always lean on my Lord and He will provide me with whatever I need to tackle the next obstacle, to clear the hurdle, to find a way. He never sends me out without knowing that He will be my guiding light and will show me who he needs me to be.

The next time when you ask yourself who am I, remember the one who created you and leap at the opportunity to be who you are!