Day Four July 21: Cepeta Lake to Fox Lake, 12 miles

Hello rain. Last night it rained for hours with the loudest thunder I have ever heard. Around 130am, we had a visitor in our campsite. Both Salamander and I heard it clear as day. Large animal that huffed. He hung out for a bit and then came back a half hour later. We both were lifeless, no sound and waited for our intruder to vacate. Honestly this is his home and we are truly the vagrants poaching on his territory. When we woke up in the morning, we both agreed it was a bear. No good respective moose or elk would huff.

We were a bit late getting moving this morning as our tents were wet and we were cold. Finally at 830am, we started the typical hunt for the trail. We were bushwhacking for a good hour or so when Salamander found the Cairns and we were back on track. Eleven miles doesn’t seem like much but when you are NOT on any sort of a trail, the miles are hard and slow!

We had another pass, North Pole Pass to navigate over and all the literature says to watch the weather and don’t go over unless it’s clear. Sure as we started getting up in elevation, the black ugly clouds rolled in and it was obvious that we were gonna need to hunker down. Salamander and I had our tents pitched in two minutes flat and as soon as we were inside, the thunder, lightning and hail came down from heaven with a vengeance!

We took advantage of our down time and had lunch then waited for the skies to clear as best as they could. We had hail on the corners of our tents, and they were soaked. After a thirty second long thunderous crackling, things appeared good enough for our summit attempt. Honestly, I think Jesus was watching over me because I was exhausted from a sleepless night and lacked any energy. I refueled, rested supine for a bit and that made all the difference for my climb.

We meandered up the trail which was covered in hail, and made it to the top without any threat of thunderstorms. But it was close. As Salamander was trekking behind me, the darkest sky was following us. Yet, I had the most incredible sighting of the Lord. As I was walking across the plateau there was the most beautiful midst in the air to the left of me. It was nothing short of the Holy Spirit protecting us as we safely continued our journey. I had tears in my eyes as I told Salamander what I just witnessed. It was nothing short of supernatural!

We made it over North Pole Pass and slowly walked to our camp for the night. The ground was wet and the rocks were slick from all the rain so I had my slow and steady pace, even more so. Salamander kicked it into overdrive and I could only attempt to keep up with her. I hate to admit it but 15 years junior is a big gap that I cannot overcome. I have to agree that she is faster and I am wiser.

The Lord has been humbling me much on this trail. There are things that I need to succumb to. God has a reason for my journey and He knows that it will make me a better person and gain a closer relationship with Him. There was a reason that Jesus had twelve disciples and not 20 or more. He knew that He could only care for so many relationships without neglecting the most important one, His Heavenly Father. I really need to focus on my tribe, my family and my dear friends. And then I will have the closer relationship I desire to have with Jesus. Time out here is so precious and it allows me to see what is truly important.

Show me your ways Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me. For you are my God and Savior, my hope is in you all day long. Psalm 25:4-5

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