Day Five July 22 : Fox Lake to Painters Basin, 12 miles

Today was the most breathtaking day ever! I have never hiked in Utah. Never been to Bryce Canyon or Zion so these orange and red mountains, these enormous cliff sides are all new to me.

We started late today. I needed a little extra rest from my knees and ankles and Salamander was quite accommodating. No complaints on her end. We started out with a beautiful walk through the trees, on a trail and found this old abandoned cabin. I always love this part of my hikes when you stumble across something so unexpected. The trail was fairly easy to follow, nothing to crazy to navigate and made the early morning hiking much more enjoyable than yesterday.

There were more people on the trail today than we have seen all days prior. We met two gals who were thru-hiking, just as we are. They took over our coveted break spot overlooking the meadow and river below. We had a small break from the weather and attempted to dry our soaked tents from the night before. It seems to rain a lot in Utah, at least this time of year.

As I continued on, I met two fishermen, hiking and fishing for a few days. This was their annual guys trip and were on their way out. After talking awhile, sharing tips on lightening their loads, I asked if there was any chance they may have Motrin? Without hesitation, he pulls out a nicely organized pill box that has five Motrin’s and five Tylenol’s. Just take it all. We are on our way out and I won’t be needing it. I wanted to hug him but I’m sure he would not appreciated me and all my stink! For some unknown reason I had decided that I wouldn’t need anything for this trek. Silly me. My knees are screaming at me, and my shoulders are so sore from carrying this heavy load. I call this simple gesture, Trail Magic. When you least expect it, the trail provides. And to think I have five days left, one for each day. Only God could have orchestrated this chance encounter.

Just like the past few days, we’ve had rain, hail, lightning and thunder and today was no exception. It’s almost a conundrum as to whether I should put on my rain jacket or not when I’m climbing a hill. I’m already working out and my body is warm. I took my jacket off and on several times. Just as I got to camp, Salamander already scoped out the best possible site she could find on a bench with little protection and the least amount of rocks. As soon as I arrived, she’s helping pitch my tent and the skies open up. It hasn’t stopped since. And I imagine I will sleep to rain splattering on my shelter all night. Along with the thunder and lightning overhead. We are perched at 11300’ so we have little relief. But I can tell you if you’re looking for a bombproof watertight tent, Gossamer “The One” is the shelter to have. Both Salamander and I own it, and it has withstood all the precipitation one can endure.

As I was walking the trail today wondering how I was going to make it another step, God showed me His love and kindness. He knew I was hurting and He used these two fishermen by having them stop to talk with me. How sweet was that? And of all people to use on the trail but men that fish. I found it ironic as I was thinking of the twelve disciples just yesterday and how many of them, in fact, were simple fishermen. Once again, I am heard. Jesus is just a thought away. When I am hurting, when I am struggling to place one foot in front of the other, He upheld me. He wants to show me how much He loves me today, tomorrow and always. What a wonderful God I serve.

The Lord makes firm the steps in the one who delights in him, he may stumble but he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand. Psalm 37: 23-24

2 thoughts on “Day Five July 22 : Fox Lake to Painters Basin, 12 miles

  1. It all sounds so amazing! I love to fall to sleep to rain in the tent. I was checking out those tents! I’ll have to consider. So glad you’re in a quiet space where nature lets you hear the Lord.

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