How God is Preparing Me In Three Weeks

Our Lord is so good at getting our attention. Sometimes he places roadblocks so we don’t storm through, or push our way into places that we don’t belong. Other times he uses Godly people to remind us that we are straying. And once in awhile, he just stops us dead in our tracks! Then carefully reroutes us.

As I plan for my hike, my Dad and the Lord, needed me to be off-trek. Jesus places us right where we can be used. I was wondering what can I do to get ready from here? Jesus, in his loving way whispers to me, “I’m getting you ready spiritually. You are already, physically prepared for this!”

My incredible earthly father, Jerry

Spiritually ready? What does that really mean? As I pray, God is preparing my heart for the calling he has called me to. He has already ordained the route. The Lord has positioned hikers, day trippers, trail angels and store clerks along the way. I consider my spiritual readiness, as it relates to my own being, the Holy Spirit within me. I know you Jesus. I owe my life to you. So what is it that I need to prepare for?

Each day he uncovers, unravels my protective covering that encompasses me. He opens my eyes to things unseen. What’s in my heart? Am I truly using the gifts he has given me? These are questions I am asking my spiritual self. Do I know why he designed me? And if I truly do, I am using those gifts for God’s glory? I can only hope and believe that I am!

Today, I am less than three weeks away from stepping away from comfort, and walking into the unknown. The Appalachian Trail is the means, the highway per-say, but it is only that. The lessons ahead, the discipleship that is waiting, will be the focus of this trek. My spirituality will only be magnified as I consider and place my focus on the Lord. This is His journey and I am along to share the love that really is God’s love to give others.

4 thoughts on “How God is Preparing Me In Three Weeks

  1. He loves and cares for you and will always be right there with you. Let go and let God and that is all you need. Trek on kiddo and share your love for Christ to all you encounter. Blessings and I will be praying for you Kelly.

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  2. Yes enjoy your hiking trails. Interesting !
    Yes one has to be spiritually prepared today in Prayer, Repentance of one’s sins with will control not to sin again.

    We have seen the corona then natural calamities like flooding, volcanoes, earthquakes, fires etc etc now war too……..Going ahead it will be apocalyptic events and one has to be spiritually prepared and stock essentials too as prices are increasing and later will shoot through the roof. Also wars, pestilence, increasing natural calamities etc will worsen the situation and the first Judgement that of the California earthquake is to take place mostly in the second half of 2022.

    However we who are in Jesus and Psalm 91 will make it through.

    Some sites give these events coming and I like as its given neatly, in a few lines !.

    Waiting for your next hiking adventure. God bless.

    A peachy day to you !


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