Almost Ready

Less than two weeks, I’ll be placing my first step on the Appalachian Trail. What thoughts are going through my head? Will I have enough or will I have too much? Will I be the one that is sending all my worldly possessions home or will I be wishing I brought just one more roll of TP? Highly doubt I’ll be counting sheets of toilet paper, but maybe using my AT Guide for more than just reading and navigating!

What’s in my Pack?

My Worldly Possessions

Provisions on the Trail

This I’ve given much thought to. I am a planner and have a full-on spreadsheet with dates, miles, locations, resupplies and whether I’ll find fuel, showers or laundry at the destination. Yep, that’s me! I was never an accountant but I am a neurotic organizer of all things. Down to my underwear drawer, rolled up, sized, type and meticulously placed next to lavender sachets.

AT Itinerary from Springer Mountain to
Standing Bear Farm Hostel

I received my final box of freeze dried meals today. My boxes are stuffed with provisions from food, electrolytes, coffee and tea assortments, facial wipes, small packages of Kleenex just in case the bidet doesn’t clean me 100% and assorted bags of hard candy. Along with other items that are truly not needed but nice to have like town shampoo and conditioner, laundry pods and dryer sheets, eye gel, lotions, face masks, and an extra special bar of dark chocolate stashed away in each box.

General Delivery

Most my resupplies are being shipped Priority Mail to the local Post Office. Some of you are shaking your head and I see you. Post Offices have odd hours. Yes they do but so do I. What if my package doesn’t arrive, then what? I shipped close to 25 boxes on the PCT and never had a single one go AWOL! Not one. Priority boxes are one cost depending on the size; small, medium or large. It doesn’t matter how much I stuff them, cram as much as I possibly can before they burst at the seams. The boxes costs the same whether they are being shipped to Georgia or Maine.

PCT Mexico to Canada
Completed with Class of 2015

Training. Oh boy, what am I doing? Yoga for the most part. I was hiking around my home, walking up and down hills, but honestly, yoga has offered me more benefit than anything else I’ve tried. As I mature in years, balance is my greatest concern. So I focus on one-legged stands, core, and breathing. And Hot Yoga! I’m not a big fan of humidity and felt that exposing myself to an extremely heated room for an hour is one way to prepare. In my mind, a hot yoga room closely mimics a day on the trail in Virginia when the temperature is nearing the 90s with 100% humidity. Sweat running down my neck, back, ears, forehead, and places I’d rather not disclose. You get the picture.

Am I Ready?

So am I ready? I am as ready as I can be physically, without being on the trail. Until my foot hits the dirt and starts up the countless steps of the approach trail, only then will I be able to answer the call. Until then, I am almost ready!

7 thoughts on “Almost Ready

  1. Hi Kelli! This going to be so much fun to read your blog while I’m heading out with my hubby on our 1st official camping trip to Zion with our trailer hitched to our truck. Thinking and praying for your 3 week outdoor hike will be a constant reminder of what a whimp I am lol. I keep looking at your outlined time table and list of your gear and I’m so impressed and moved by your faith in our Lord and Savior. Im praying He keeps you safe, protected from the elements and wildlife and you remain physically strong and healthy. God bless!


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