Perfect Timing

The journey has began. I kissed my hubby George goodbye this morning as he dropped me off at the airport. I attempted to explain to my dog that she wasn’t able to go this time. Her big brown eyes melted my heart as she nodded, and in her sweet way, told me she would take care of George. Animals are a secret doorway to your soul. They truly have a way of making you feel like the most wonderful human being on this planet or an absolute heel. I felt like a bit of both as I turned and headed for the friendly skies of United Airlines.

In my household, I am definitely the crazy one. I have this adventurous spirit that is most difficult to squelch. Some call it insane, others wanderlust but I believe it’s innate. Like something I was born with. My dog Zoey has it. She is a McNab, a type of Border Collie. We never taught her to herd, or go after anything that moves, but yet it is what makes her Zoey! Sometimes I believe that moving, trekking, wandering is part of my genes, something innate in me. I have an unstoppable thirst to hike!

Support Crew

Each of us who desire to do long distant hiking have a support crew. Or at least, I would hope so. George is my support. He told me that God explained that he was designed to love and support me in ways that only he can. On these adventures, he takes care of the fort, keeps our teenage grandson Sid in check and mails my every need to me. I have packed over 20 boxes and he has them labeled, organized and marked them for delivery. George is my personal Amazon Delivery Man.

Now What?

I made it halfway to the trail. We’ll actually much further than that. I am sequestered in Tennessee with my dear friends. They are my Trail Angels who will take me to Amicoloa Falls State Park near Springer Mountain, Georgia this week. I will spend the week acclimating to East Coast weather; humidity, wind, rain and snow. In the short time I am here, I’ll experience about all that Mother Nature can dish out. The big difference is I’ll be tucked inside a nice warm home, with indoor plumbing, hot showers and a fully equipped kitchen. This will be my last taste of civilization before I hit the trail.

Me and my most beautiful Trail Angel Elisa

Perfect Timing

The last few days have been filled with boxes to check off, friends to take care of, family to love and meetings to oversee. Yet, my Lord has made it all possible. He has brought me help from the most unexpected places. The blessings I have received from friends is astonishing and a bit overwhelming at times. This paved the way for the perfect timing.

Many people only dream of following their passions. They talk of doing this or that but when the rubber meets the road, nothing actually happens. What is the perfect timing? Is there really such a thing? I believe in God’s perfect timing. If we pursue him and his hearts desires, then the perfect timing will present itself.

The journey to God starts with one small step at a time. He doesn’t expect you to run the mile, but he does promise to give you strength to go the distance. God will always provide you with what you need, when you need it, in His perfect time!

And so my journey begins. On Friday I will be hitting the trail, not running, but ever so thankful! Thankful for my friends and family that have helped me find the perfect timing and giving me the courage to pursue my walk with the Lord.

5 thoughts on “Perfect Timing

  1. You go girl ! When God puts a call on your heart ♥️ you must follow it. May angels surround you
    Keep you safe as you take this journey.
    And May George not forget to get all those
    Boxes to you ! Hahaha 😂 I know he won’t
    Forget.. love you sister .
    ♥️😘🙏 Barbara Markiel

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  2. So proud of you Kelly, and thankful for how you inspire me and so many others to trust how God created each one of us and follow His guidance on how we are supposed to live, even if it is different than the normal, follower of Jesus. He’s called you to be his representative on the trail. I believer many are as well but they have not listened and actually followed. You have… and it starts again on Friday! We are praying for you and will step our time with George as well! Love you girl!

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  3. May the Lord watch over and bless you Kelly. I’m praying for you daily and that Lord puts in your path His chosen one’s to encourage and strengthen you.
    God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

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