Holy Week – A Way to Forgivenes

As I sit in my living room, my mind is overwhelmed with the thought of this week. Jesus knew what was to happen. Even when Peter denied the thought of Jesus leaving, literally put to death, the Lord rebuked his disciple, “ Get behind Me, Satan! For you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.” Mark 8:33. We need to open our heart to things that are uncomfortable. The crucifixion makes me wonder, how much sin we truly have!

Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA

I know for myself, I am full of sin. Everyday that passes, I count my blessings that Jesus has forgiven me. What a mess I make of my life, the countless times I say and do ungodly things, yet He still seeks after my own heart. Who is this God that loves us so deeply, who longs for us when we are broken and undesirable? Our one and only Jesus, that’s who.

Martis Peak overlooking Lake Tahoe

Last night I was sitting in church for Palm Sunday Service, the Pastor asked a question that knocked me off my seat. Who are you sharing your Jesus with? Are you keeping him to yourself or are you actually telling everyone you know and meet about the Lord? Honestly, I had to really think about that. It was quite convicting and when else, if not today, is there a better time to share His unending love.

Orange Pokers at Folsom Lake

Our Lord, my Jesus is my number one priority and deepest relationship, my partner for life. He is the one I go to when I open my eyes in the morning and when I close my eyes at night. He is the only person who really knows me, my every thought, desire and passion. Jesus is my light, my purpose, my true compass. When the world does what the world does, I can always look up and know that Jehovah has a plan. Because I surely do not understand this place we are temporarily residing in, and the broken people we share it with.

God’s Reflection

During this Holy Week, I want to be purposeful, knowing what transpired thousands of years ago. Our Savior rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, not a War Horse or Stallion, but a Colt. Being the Son of God was not about condemning or convicting, but about accepting and loving each and everyone of us. He came to earth to show us how to live, to take care of each other, to lead one another through times of heartache, grief and tribulation. We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever we go, to lead by His example, in all we say and do.

Me and my dog Zoey on Trail

This week I sit with the reality that our precious and wonderful Jesus knew what was to happen. “And He began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.” Mark 8:31

Small as a Mustard Seed

I am so grateful that I do not know when my life on this earth will end, as I do not believe that I could speak so freely about my death. Yet, I am not the great I am, and trusting that the Lord has made my life purposeful and meaningful, I am good with a surprise ending.

Dennis Tromberg, Photographer

My prayer for this week is that we find time to ponder why we are here. What purpose does the Lord have for us to fulfill. Does He want you to share the story of His life with someone or does He desire you to share your life with Him?

Pure as the Driven Snow

I can tell you that I love to share my life with Jesus, knowing that I surely do not want to do it alone. And when I share my life with the Lord, the world sees my joy and happiness that only our Heavenly Father can give. May you also walk through this week knowing that He was willing to sacrifice all he had, for you! Holy Week is a time of intention and reflection, a time of grace and forgiveness. May you embrace all that was given for your life, through Him. Easter is coming but let’s reflect on who and what Jesus did beforehand. Our one and only true love.

4 thoughts on “Holy Week – A Way to Forgivenes

  1. Hallelujah
    Beautifully expressed and shared your Strong faith.
    May you inspire all of us in your journey !!
    Thanks Sista Kelly !
    Blue Nanhee Kim🙏🙏🙏

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