What’s Next

One week and counting. Oh my, the hardest part has started. What’s that, you ask? Packing my Resupply Boxes. I’m asking myself why I don’t just buy food along the way? There are certain foods I desire, and then there’s the need for adequate nourishment, which I find difficult to achieve in the convenient stores. I like certain coffees and teas, I love my biscotti in the morning and I must eat a desirable dinner at night. I enjoy cooking, even on the trail, adding vegetables and creamy broths to a bland couscous or rice. Sounds crazy, but these are my creature habits. Oh and I really enjoy a face mask! Such a girly thing but it makes me feel, almost, human-like!

Zoey Scouting for Doggie Treats

Now my Den is AT Central with three months worth of food, snacks, wipes and all things this hiker may need. My dog Zoey is having a tough time with all the odd smells, and the fact that she knows, Mom is off to the trail again. My hubby George is counting down when I’m leaving and when I’m coming home. The family is always the most emotional aspect of my hearts desire. Am I really doing this again? Prayfully I must ask the Lord to grant me this gift of walking, hiking the trail from Harper’s Ferry to Mt. Katahdin, and then south to McAfee Knob. It’s a distance of 1,500 or so miles so I’m thinking Mothers Day to Labor Day. Sounds reasonable.

Food Packed and Ready to Ship

The fun part is loading my backpack. I do look forward to this part. I’ve done it hundreds of times and am fairly proficient at it. First things first, is weighing each item that I carefully select for the trail. I would like to say that I’m a minimalist but the truth is, I like certain things. A pillow is a must. Some people use their puffy jacket as one but I require a real pillow. Mine is made of down, lightweight and does not need to be inflated. That’s my favorite piece of equipment next to my Quilt. Other than that, my inflatable pad, an umbrella and my collapsible titanium poles are my top five pieces of gear. I have “The One” tent and the G20-UL 42 Pack, both Gossamer products. They are high quality and the price is quite reasonable. All in all, my base weight is nearing 17 pounds, which is about as light as I can get. As long as I like to cook, I’ll always have a stove. Cold soaking is not for me. I want coffee or tea in the morning and a hot dinner at night. Being God wants me to hike for Him, he understands that I can’t live on bread alone.

Zoey Cant Help Herself- She’s always in the Midst of All Things

In seven days, I’ll be on a Jet Plane flying across United States to D.C. It is exciting and terrifying, all in the same thought. I am so looking forward to walking into a simpler life, one that has little to do but wake, eat, walk, eat, and sleep. It is such a beautiful rhythm of feet hitting the dirt, soil, rocks and roots, just walking from one place to the next. It’s much like the Israelis who left Egypt for the Promise Land. To a point, the Appalachian Trail is my heading towards a life flowing with milk and honey. A life simpler, easier and void of responsibilities. To worry about nothing but how far I will walk. The rest is ordained by the Lord. He already knows who I will meet and greet along the way, days if not years, before I. My only concern is to stay healthy and able-bodied, to keep moving forward, and to be guided by the Holy Spirit. So what’s next? A lot of good-bye’s, and farewells till I return, a couple of dinner party’s sending me on my way and a sad puppy when I walk out the door. My hubby George has lined up many projects that will keep him busy for the summer, and knowing George, he’ll have many dinner engagements and golf outings planned weekly. But even with all that, I will so miss my home sweet home.

Fun Times in Jackson, California

So as the countdown continues, please pray for my family. This is just as hard for them as it is for me. My sweet Lord, please protect me as I travel across country, please keep my family safe and Lord, watch over the people I will meet along the way. May you guide my walk, and may my steps be ordained by you, and you alone. Until we hit the trail, please keep my focus on you, every moment of everyday. And be my shining light along this well worn path. You have began this work in me, and I have complete trust that you will continue, until our job is done. With that, I commit this journey to your hands my sweet Jesus, and I will go wherever you need me to be. Amen…

In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6

11 thoughts on “What’s Next

  1. Beautiful Kelly, I love you sharing your organization getting prepared. It would never work without it. Your pictures are beautiful, you will be missed . One step at a time will bring you back home after completing your walk with the Lord keeping you close the entire time. With your permission I’d like to invite George to join me on a couple of golf days while your gone. Misery loves company on the golf course !! Love you and admire your strength and will

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  2. Kelly, I love following your Journey and
    How God uses you to touch lives on the trail
    I’m praying you have a safe trip , you
    Stay healthy . Im praying you experience
    The Holy Spirit with new revelations,
    Of God. Creation speaks like nothing else
    Love you Kelly♥️ Barbara Markiel 🙏🙏

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  3. My dear friend – I will miss you dearly but knowing the journey you are on fills my heart with Gods love knowing he will be with you always in every step you take. The idea of being alone and enjoying Gods beauty, making new friends and totally being one with God and nature is so exciting. Love you💕

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  4. I just love following you on your hike and praying for you. God bless you each step along the path, God has ordained for you. Praying each encounter you have may be a blessing to them and you, and may they know God better by having met you!
    God bless you and keep you safe and healthy, your entire trail.

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